Metisse Maison Is a French brand and means mixed home in french, it is the result of a mix of culture, origins and influences traveling and living around the world but holding strongly to my tropical roots (Dominican Republic).

A Tropical design brand, because tropical is my eternal inspiration and the materials used for our products only grows in tropical lands. But why Rattan? Rattan is from the Malay (language) Rotan, it is a climbing palm, a liana not wood. It grows much faster than most tropical materials (wood), it is in that sense sustainable and renewable materiai.

Rattan makes wonderful furniture, molded into shapes and forms. We use everything, from the skin or peel to cane. Nothing is waste it.

Our process, we put our designs in paper and create the prototype to understand its complexibility before working with our Malaysian manucfacturers on the final product.

100% Handcrafted, 100% Rattan, 100%Metisse Maison Design. Each piece is unique and specially made for you with love and in limited edition.

My passion is to create uncommon pieces to offer the Tropical Chic Style to your home or special projets (Restaurants, Hotels, others).

 A Good Tropical Life To You!

Madeleine A. Grenade